Courses, Lectures and Keynotes


- S. Bohic (Grenoble, France):
Spatially resolved imaging methods to probe metals in cells an tissues.
- D. Giedroc (Bloomington, USA):
Metal Sensor Proteins: Uncovering Allosteric Linkage Relationships.
- J.H. Kaplan (Chicago, USA):
Title to be communicated soon.
- A. Palmer (Boulder, USA):
Tools for visualizing metal ions in living cells.
- S.L. Sensi (Chieti-Pescara, Italy):
Is there a zinc set-point in the brain?
- F. Thomas (Grenoble, France):
Metals in Biology: Where and why?

Plenary lectures:

- D. Giedroc (Bloomington, USA):
Transition Metal Homeostasis in Bacterial Pathogens.
- A. Palmer (Boulder, USA):
Imaging zinc: defining the spatial distribution and dynamics in living cells.
- T. Mascher (Munich, Germany):
Any metals out there? Principles of bacterial transmembrane signal transduction and their role in sensing extracytoplasmic metal ions.
- T. Hanikenne (Liège, Belgium):
Zinc hyperaccumulation : a model to examine metal homeostasis in plants.
- J. Helmann (New York, USA):
Specificity and Crosstalk in the Metal Ion Homeostasis Circuitry of Bacillus subtilis.
- J.H. Kaplan (Chicago, USA):
Title to be communicated soon.
- S.L. Sensi (Chieti-Pescara, Italy):
Role of zinc in brain physiology and pathology.


- G. Rowley (Norwich, UK):
The Salmonella Response to metallic Stress.
- J.-F. Briat (Montpellier, France):
Arabidopsis ferritins as an integrative model linking iron metabolism to light, clock and oxidative stress signalings.
- M. Maroney (Amherst, USA):
The role of the N-terminus and specific histidine ligands in determining metal specific responses in the E. coli Ni- and Co-responsive metalloregulator, RcnR.
- K. Waldron (Newcastle, UK):
Copper toxicity and homeostasis in Staphylococcus aureus.
- C. Peyssonnaux (Paris, France):
Role of HIF-2 (Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2) in iron metabolism.