Conferences and program

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17h00-21h00 Arrival, registration and dinner


8h30-9h00 Welcome: M. Fontecave (IMBG director) and C. Duboc (organizing committee)

Session 1: Biocatalysis and electron transfer; chairperson: S. Ménage

9h00-10h00 T. Ward
Artificial Metalloenzymes for Enantioselective Catalysis Based on the Biotin-Avidin Technology

10h00-10h30 A. Lombardi
Iron-containing metalloproteins: Modeling functional models

10h30 11h00 Pause

11h00-11h20 J. P. Mahy
Hemoabzymes: towards new biocatalysts for selective oxidations.

11h20-11h40 A. Ivancich
Understanding the physicochemical factors that determine the formation and catalytic role of oxoferryl-tryptophanyl radical intermediates in natural and engineered heme peroxidases

11h40-12h00 S. Suzuki
A novel supramolecular assembly and intermolecular electron transfer process of Hyphomicrobium Cu-containing nitrite reductase

12h15 Lunch

Session 2: Biocatalysis and mechanistic onsiderations; chairperson: G. Blondin

14h15-15h15 L. Que
Hydrocarbon Oxidations by Bio-inspired Nonheme Iron Catalysts

15h15-15h35 G. Straganz
The impact of protein environment on catalysis: Exploring the role of the secondary coordination sphere in diketone cleavage by the FeII dependent dioxygenase DKE1

15h35-16h05 J.-M. Latour
Bioinspired stoichiometric and catalytic amine transfers

16h05-16h35 Pause

16h35-17h05 F. Neese
Combination of magnetic spectroscopy and quantum chemistry to characterize 'hot' species in metalloproteins and model systems

17h05-17h35 M. N. Collomb
Evaluation of the real ability of the terpyridine binuclear complex [Mn2
III,IVO2(terpy)2(H2O)2]3+ to act as a catalyst for water oxidation

17h35-18h05 C. Léger
The global catalytic properties of NiFe hydrogenases may be controlled by sites that are remote from the dinuclear active site.

18h15-20h15 Cottage Party

20h30-22h00 Diner

22h00- Poster session


Session 3: Copper enzymes and models; chairperson: F. Guillain

9h30-10h30 C.M. Wilmot
Structural insights into substrate activation at mononuclear copper sites in enzymes

10h30-11h00 C. Belle
Diphenolase activity in type 3 copper enzymes: mechanistic investigations from synthetic models

11h00 11h30 Pause

11h30-12h00 M. Réglier
From the mechanism of dioxygen activation catalyzed by Cu-containing monooxygenases to biomimetic catalysts

12h00-12h20 G. Pintacuda
Solid-state paramagnetic NMR on a 32 kDa microcrytalline Cu(II) enzyme

12h30 Lunch

14h30-16h00 Poster session

Session 4: Bioactivation of small molecules; chairperson: S. Ciurli

16h00-16h30 J. Fontecilla
not communicated

16h30-17h00 L. Seefeldt
Intermediates along the nitrogenase reaction pathway

17h00 17h30 Pause

17h30-17h50 P. Holland
Synthetic models for low-coordinate iron sites in the Iron-Molybdenum cofactor of nitrogenase

17h50-18h50 P. Siegbahn
A hybrid density functional study of NiFe-hydrogenase

20h00 Banquet


Session 1: Radicals in enzyme catalysis; chairperson: M. Fontecave

9h00-10h00 W. Bukel
Radicals in enzymatic catalysis

10h00-10h30 M. Atta
Dinucleotide spore photoproduct: a minimal substrate of the DNA REPAIR Spore Photoproduct Lyase enzyme from Bacillus subtilis

10h30 11h00 Pause

11h00-11h20 M. Seeman
Isoprenoid biosynthesis: GcpE and LytB, two novel iron/sulfur proteins

11h20-11h40 H. Eklund
Cleavage of the disulfide bond in ferredoxin:thioredoxin Reductase via a penta-coordinated [4Fe-4S] intermediate

11h40-12h10 H. Grützmacher
Galactose oxidase inspired catalysis with aminly radical complexes

12h15 Lunch

End of the meeting and departure